What is e-waste?

The excessive consumption of smartphones and other electrical devices leads to the depletion of natural resources such as metals and minerals. This discarded ‘electronic waste’ from defective and outdated electronic equipment is referred to as e-waste. Also known as e-goods, but officially called WEEE ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’, it currently forms the fastest-growing waste stream.

Where to dispose of e-waste?

Many municipalities have a waste disposal site where you can separate and dispose of all your waste, including electronic waste. However, a fee is often charged for this service. According to Keep IT Kleer, this is often unjustified. We can pick up your e-waste or old IT hardware by appointment. We then assess which IT hardware still has value and which will be scrapped and processed as e-waste. In many cases, your ‘electronic waste’ is still worth money.

What happens to e-waste after it is disposed of?

We place great importance on sustainable processing. In collaboration with a certified processor, raw materials are sorted and recycled at sorting centers. When individual parts can no longer be reused, the sorted materials are put through a shredder with a mechanical separation installation at the processor’s facility. The shredder pulverizes everything into small pieces. Then, metals and non-metals are separated using a magnet. This creates different ‘streams’ of raw materials. Iron and metal streams become raw materials for, for example, cars and bicycles, and non-metal, such as plastic, is turned into bollards, benches, or planters. As you can see: your old devices do not belong in the landfill. They still contain a lot of value!


Keep IT Kleer helps you give your old IT hardware a second life and rewards you with a residual value. By doing so, you not only preserve employment but also support the environment. Help the Earth and ask Keep IT Kleer for a free, customized offer.

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